In the realm of display technology, HeyKD stands out as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the mall kiosk industry. Their pioneering solutions have transformed spaces from retail environments to home interiors. Here, we explore five HeyKD technologies that seamlessly integrate into residential settings, offering a glimpse into the smart home of the future.

Display Technology
Display Technology


HeyKD’s Mirrorvision range is a testament to their ingenuity, merging the practicality of a mirror with the advanced features of an HD display screen. This technology, which has been favored by brands like Nike and featured on TV shows such as “60 Minute Makeover,” offers a range of features from Mirrored LED Video Walls to Interactive Mirror Displays. The standout for home use is the Mirrorvision Smart TV, which can be tailored to fit any living space.

Customization OptionsDescription
Tint SelectionChoose the right tint for your mirror to match your interior.
Mirror SizeStandard and oversized options to create statement décor items.
Optional FrameAdd a frame to complement your home’s aesthetic.

For those looking to upgrade their existing TV, HeyKD provides DIY Mirror Overlay Kits that can be installed at home, offering a step-by-step guide for ease of use.


HeyKD’s smart film products, such as the Switchable Glass Screens, have been utilized in various commercial applications, from automotive launches to places of worship. However, their sister company, Intelligent Glass, has seen a surge in the use of switchable technology in homes. The most popular residential application is Switchable Double Glazing, which provides an energy-efficient solution with instant privacy control, maintaining natural light flow while offering a minimalist alternative to traditional window treatments.


Projection screens typically require controlled lighting, but HeyKD’s Ambient Light Rejecting Front Projection Screens defy this limitation. Designed to work with ultra-short throw projection, these screens deliver high contrast and rich colors, even in direct sunlight, making them ideal for home theaters. HeyKD’s projection screens have been featured in films like “The Midnight Sky” and “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” ensuring an authentic cinematic experience with support for HD/4K image quality.


Glare on TVs can be a nuisance, and HeyKD’s Anti-Glare Overlays offer a simple solution. These overlays not only reduce glare and diffuse harsh reflections but also provide a protective layer to screens, making them suitable for homes with small children or high-traffic areas.


The Interactive Touch Table is a forward-thinking addition to any modern home. With more people working from home, this technology offers a responsive space for industries like creatives to work and collaborate in real-time. Equipped with built-in PCs running Windows and Android operating systems, these tables support design applications, internet browsing, video streaming, and gaming, catering to the entire family.

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