As a leading manufacturer of display solutions, HeyKD is often sought after for a wide array of custom and bespoke solutions for an ever-growing list of applications. HeyKD is uniquely positioned to offer customers an extensive range of custom AV solutions, from custom retail product displays to custom trade show displays. HeyKD offers a product—or even a number of products—that can work together to create the perfect display that fulfills your vision. Over the years, HeyKD has manufactured and supplied custom display solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands, drawing on the full range of HeyKD technologies, integrating (often specialist) screen technology, interactivity, projection systems, and even sound solutions together to create that ideal display.

Custom Visual Display Solutions
Custom Visual Display Solutions

Display Branding

Among HeyKD’s wide range of traditional display technologies is their ability to brand these products in a way that ideally suits the customer. Offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for most display branding and customizing needs, HeyKD does not simply ‘box-shift’ their products. Taking each order on its own requirements, custom display branding can be applied to many screen solutions, ensuring that a company’s logo or chosen content is on show along with their new screen.

Transparent Displays

One of the more innovative display solutions that HeyKD offers is the undeniably remarkable Transparent Screen range. Manufacturing transparent screen technologies that include LCD, LED, and projection screens, HeyKD can supply full and custom transparent display solutions that meet a variety of needs.

Specialist Projection

Specializing in projection screens, HeyKD’s range extends much farther than the traditionally seen projection screens that many come to expect. Their versatility as manufacturers in this area perfectly complements custom projection solutions, allowing them to offer a wide variety of visual effects and solutions that would impress most people.

Mirror Screens

As the pinnacle of premium display technology, mirror screens are often integrated into custom retail product displays, custom trade show displays, and sometimes require a degree of elegant display branding. This impressive display technology can achieve a huge reaction from customers and guests, showing them a display method not often seen.

Switchable Smart Glass

Due to the visual effect that Switchable Smart Glass delivers, much like Mirror Glass, many if not most projects involving this technology are custom by nature. Often integrated for privacy applications, Smart Glass has found its way into an incredible range of places.


HeyKD’s custom visual display solutions are not only innovative but also versatile, catering to a wide range of applications and customer needs. Whether it’s display branding, transparent displays, specialist projection, mirror screens, or switchable smart glass, HeyKD has the expertise and technology to deliver high-quality, custom solutions. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, HeyKD continues to lead the way in the custom visual display solutions industry.

For more information about HeyKD’s custom visual display solutions, please visit their official website or contact them directly.

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