In the ever-evolving world of display solutions, businesses are often confronted with the critical question of where to invest: digital or print signage? Traditional printed display solutions have been around for a long time. However, recent years have seen the popularity of digital display solutions, like those offered by HeyKD, soar as competition to stand out becomes increasingly difficult.

HeyKD’s Innovative Kiosk Solutions

HeyKD, a pioneer in the mall kiosk industry, offers a variety of kiosk types, such as interactive digital displays, retail merchandising units, and food and beverage stations. These custom, innovative kiosk solutions have been implemented globally in over 30 countries, enhancing shopping experiences and contributing significantly to the retail environment.

Digital Signage Vs. Print Signage
Digital Signage Vs. Print Signage

Cost Considerations

If your business relies on signage to drive sales or footfall, effective digital signage, like those provided by HeyKD, is worth a significant investment, especially when considering long-term use. The repeated costs of new large-format print media quickly add up, a sum that could be saved almost entirely by using digital signage that can be updated at any moment. This is especially useful in the event of damage, a mistake, or a product or price change, which would normally render your print signage useless. Most deployments of print media involve such burdens as actual printing, delivery and distribution, display, misprints, administration, and labour costs—most of these costs requiring further administration and business infrastructure that could be drastically simplified and reduced by using digital signage.

Effectiveness of Digital Signage

One of the reasons digital signage is often considered superior to print signage is arguably the light it produces. The light produced from conventional digital signage screens allows for better visibility compared to printed signage, as audiences are not only drawn by the images on display but also by the light source, which is especially effective in darker environments, making it ideal for areas with less than perfect weather.

Furthermore, digital signage screens have incredibly valuable functionality that dwarfs the advertising effect of printed signage in comparison. The ability to make your ad move by using digital signage to display videos adds a new dimension to your ad that stationary print media can never compete with. This allows marketers and merchandisers to bring the effectiveness of the kind of advertisements they pay thousands to show on TV to the high street, your store, or even your place of work.

Reputation and Brand Image

There are numerous accounts that see businesses from all types of markets benefiting from switching to digital signage, as businesses large and small throughout the economy report similar findings after they take their first steps towards the future of signage.

Using print signage in a world where digital signage is increasing in popularity is likely to put you at an immediate disadvantage compared to your competition. As consumers become increasingly used to seeing digital signage elsewhere, it is a likely consequence that expectations of your advertising output are changing as fast as the commercial landscape.

Environmental Impact

Environmental concerns are also incredibly important in today’s world, as more and more companies adopt planet-friendly policies in order to work towards corporate responsibility targets. With this in mind, many companies look to digital signage to help minimise their infrastructure waste output.

Customer Engagement

The engagement of your advertising is arguably the key to increasing sales. An advertisement is not worthwhile without being engaging, and your sales will likely reflect this. But how do businesses create engaging content? One of the best ways is to deliver your content through a method that is likely to engage customers at a glance.

One of the biggest advantages that digital signage has over print signage is the capability of interactivity—the advertising ‘gold standard’ in customer engagement.


In conclusion, the choice between digital and print signage is a critical one for businesses. While print signage has its place, the advantages of digital signage, particularly those offered by HeyKD, are numerous and significant. From cost savings and environmental benefits to increased customer engagement and brand reputation, digital signage is a powerful tool in the modern business landscape.

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