After more than 15 years of industry leadership, HeyKD reflects on the cutting-edge display technologies that are redefining the future of hospitality. HeyKD’s display solutions represent the pinnacle of technological innovation, offering an extensive range of touch screen, mirror screen technology, switchable smart glass products, and specialist projection. These products have garnered attention from some of the most prestigious names in business, underscoring HeyKD’s reputation as a premier quality manufacturer.

Mirror Screen Technology: A New Era of Display

HeyKD’s mirror screen technology has captured the interest of hospitality influencers, offering an extraordinary level of flexibility. This technology enables businesses to infuse their environments with a premium glow, transforming spaces with a modern flair while maximizing the utility of areas typically reserved for conventional mirrors or LCD screens. HeyKD’s mirror screen technology is available in various formats, each tailored to serve the industry from a unique perspective.

Innovative Display Technology
Innovative Display Technology

Mirror Video Wall: Maximizing Impact

For the ultimate display solution, HeyKD’s Mirror Video Wall stands out. Combining the functionality of a video wall with the aesthetic appeal of a mirror, this technology serves multiple design purposes. It reflects light and interior design themes through a full-height mirror, which impresses even without the screen display activated. When in use, the display elevates style, making it ideal for lobbies, waiting areas, and more. By showcasing company branding, advertising, or content that complements the interior design, these video walls fulfill a range of company objectives.

Interactive Mirrored Wall Panel: Engaging and Luxurious

HeyKD’s newly developed Mirrored Interactive Wall Panel captivates guests with its next-generation integrated display. Positioned prominently in luxury hotel rooms, this interactive mirror screen doubles as an entertainment center, offering guests access to information, local events, weather, and streaming services for TV, films, and music. The screen’s ‘smart room’ integration capabilities modernize guest experiences by providing state-of-the-art room control through a single interface.

Mirror Glass Overlays: Simple Elegance

For a straightforward approach to incorporating mirror screen technology, HeyKD’s Mirror Glass Overlays offer a retrofit solution for existing LCD displays, including hotel TVs. This cost-effective option allows designers to integrate cutting-edge technology without significant investment, ideal for establishments aiming for a premium aesthetic.

Professional Mirrorvision Displays: Bright and Spacious

HeyKD also produces a wide array of Mirror Screens that meet rigorous specifications, including smart TVs and 4K resolution options. These displays are perfectly suited for use in hotel rooms, waiting areas, and general displays, particularly where bright and spacious environments are desired.

Interactive Mirror Screens: A Memorable Customer Journey

HeyKD’s interactive mirror screen products cater to hands-on applications within the hospitality sector. These screens offer a unique and engaging element to the customer journey, allowing guests to browse products or services at their leisure. The potential for augmented reality applications further enhances the memorability of the customer experience.

Switchable Smart Glass: Privacy and Versatility

Switchable Smart Glass, or PDLC Glass, is another technology range embraced by the hospitality sector. This technology transitions from frosted to clear at the press of a button, offering a sought-after feature for privacy solutions. Its applications are diverse, from hotel shower/bathroom dividing screens to high-tech privacy solutions in gyms or spas.

Interactive Touch Table: Efficiency and Engagement

HeyKD’s Interactive Touch Table options are a hit in coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, allowing customers to place orders without leaving their seats. This technology streamlines the ordering process and enhances the potential for cross-selling products.

Intouch Kiosk Range: Versatile and Customizable

HeyKD’s intouch kiosk range, available in various formats and sizes with optional features and custom branding, provides numerous advantages for both customers and employees. These kiosks offer self-service facilities, improving efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: HeyKD’s Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

HeyKD’s display technologies are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating interactive, memorable experiences that drive business objectives and customer satisfaction. With a global reach spanning over 30 countries, HeyKD continues to lead the mall kiosk industry with its innovative solutions, commitment to sustainability, and forward-thinking growth plans. For those interested in exploring the possibilities of HeyKD’s kiosk solutions, visit the HeyKD portfolio to see case studies and learn more about their transformative impact on the retail environment.

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