In the world of business, visibility and engagement are key. This is especially true for real estate agent displays, where the challenge lies in showcasing ‘products’ that cannot be physically displayed like most other items. HeyKD, a pioneer in the mall kiosk industry, has revolutionized this space with its custom, innovative kiosk solutions, offering a variety of kiosk types such as interactive digital displays, retail merchandising units, and food and beverage stations.

The Window Display

A window display is a real estate agent’s most crucial tool. It’s often the first point of contact that potential customers have with your business, and first impressions truly matter. HeyKD’s window-based real estate agent displays are designed to transform often dull and uninspiring images of properties into engaging and informative showcases. These displays serve as a significant source of information, particularly when your office is closed.

window display for real estate agent
window display for real estate agent

HeyKD’s window displays are designed to help customers make decisions without needing any input from a team member, ensuring your premises remain productive even during closing hours. HeyKD offers a multitude of products perfect for window-based real estate agent displays, including Rear Projection Screens, Rear Projection Film, Sun Readable Rear Projection Screen Film, LCD Advertising Screen, High Brightness Screen, and Soundpod Surface Speaker.

The Power of Digital Signage

Once your customers are inside your premises, the journey to secure the sale continues. HeyKD’s effective digital signage can be a very useful tool in this regard, giving your business a real cutting edge. Directing customers to a conveniently placed Interactive Kiosk, for example, gives them the time, freedom, and protection from the elements to browse your selection in comfort and at their leisure.

Digital Signage for real estate
Digital Signage for real estate

Using an Interactive Touch Table, sales staff have an excellent platform to engage with your customers. With the ability to navigate digital maps via touch interactivity, your customers can be ‘hands on’ in checking crucial selling points of the property. You can even do this for them, bringing up relevant information then switching the orientation of the touch table display so they don’t have to move.

The use of digital signage is limited only by your imagination and can help you and your customers in many ways. The housing market is driven as much by aspiration as it is property, so there really is no better way to ignite your customer’s aspirational dreams than to put them face to face with aspirational technology during the transaction.

Bring the Property to Your Customers

As mentioned earlier, the absence of a physical product to promote and sell to your customers there and then makes merchandising tricky. Your role as a salesperson is made that much more difficult having to rely on property viewings playing such a big part in securing the sale. It is rare that customers would be willing to confirm such a big purchase without a property viewing, however, you can help to secure it as much as possible using a digital tour.

Digital tours are increasingly being used online and in real estate agents to help show customers what properties look like. However, many of these ‘tours’ are simply glorified images, limiting the access and visibility of the property. You can stay one step ahead of the competition by helping to create a sense of realism with your tours- think scale.

For example, you could use HeyKD’s UST Front Projection Screen to help to increase the size of the viewing area, taking your customers closer to ‘the real thing’ than they would be by viewing the tour on a PC monitor or device. Additionally, by using HeyKD’s interactive digital glass, you can put the tour progression in the hands of the customer, giving them an opportunity to explore the house (and the technology) at their own pace, again, indulging that inspirational appetite.

Make Your Customers Feel Important

During the purchase of a property, many sensitive and personal details are shared by your customers with the sales person. At busy periods, this may be uncomfortable for your customers to publicly share, especially if your office is open plan or particularly quiet. Integrating HeyKD’s switchable smart glass into your premises can help to provide your customers with the privacy they need, whenever they need it.

Instantly switching the glass to opaque when privacy is required is as easy as pressing a button, and will not only impress your customers, but it will also make them feel valued and considered. This will help to increase your credibility and potentially initiate a positive relationship that may last for the entirety of their dealings with you.

HeyKD’s switchable smart glass can also double up as an interactive projector screen, giving it extra value. Linking with the previous section, a switchable smart glass interactive projector screen can be used to navigate digital tours much like our other projector screens.

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