In the face of eCommerce’s rise, brick-and-mortar stores are not only vying for customers on the high street but also against global online retailers. McKinsey & Company emphasizes the need for physical stores to prioritize customer experience to stand out. Interactive kiosks are at the forefront of this transformation. This article delves into the world of interactive kiosks, exploring their types and the significant impact they have on enhancing customer experience.

What Are Interactive Kiosks?

Interactive kiosks empower customers to access information, such as wayfinding or product catalogs, and make purchases or orders autonomously. These kiosks harness the power of self-service, a trend gaining traction, particularly among younger consumers. They enable stores to serve customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Interactive Kiosks
Interactive Kiosks

HeyKD’s interactive kiosks are engineered for 24/7 applications, featuring HD 1080p displays, protective glass fascia, and integral speakers, ensuring durability and a high-quality user experience.

Types of Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks come in various forms, each with its unique advantages and optimal use cases:

The Freestanding Interactive Kiosk

HeyKD’s most sought-after model, the Freestanding Interactive Kiosk, is remarkably versatile. Available in standard sizes of 43” and 49”, it features a commercial HD LCD screen and offers customization options, including branding and design elements. With integrated Windows or Android functionality and HDMI/VGA ports, content can be easily displayed from various devices. For larger projects, these kiosks support remote content management, ideal for multi-location retail chains.

Landscape Interactive Kiosk

The Landscape Interactive Kiosk is perfect for wayfinding and visitor attractions, boasting a 43” or 55” display with 10-point touch technology, allowing multiple users simultaneously. Its size and functionality make it a perfect fit for shopping centers, museums, or car showrooms.

Custom Designed Touch Kiosks

HeyKD excels in creating bespoke kiosk solutions tailored to specific project requirements. A notable example includes integrating an Interactive Transparent LCD Display Case into a custom metal framework, transforming the traditional display case into an interactive kiosk and product showcase.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks offer a multitude of benefits that significantly enhance the customer experience:

  • Self-Service Functionality: They provide the benefits of personalized service without the need for staff interaction, crucial in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Memorable Experiences: Kiosks offer a futuristic self-service option, customizable with branding or artistic displays, making them stand out and providing a unique shopping experience.
  • Social Distancing: In a post-COVID world, kiosks help maintain social distancing by allowing customers to interact without staff assistance.

Cost of Interactive Kiosks

The investment in interactive kiosks varies, starting from £2,500, depending on factors like display size and interface. HeyKD also offers alternative interactive technologies for those with smaller budgets, such as interactive projection foils and mirror displays.

For a personalized quote tailored to your business needs, please visit HeyKD’s Price Catalogue Request Form.


Interactive kiosks are not just a trend; they are a strategic investment in the future of retail. They offer a seamless, efficient, and engaging way to enhance the customer experience, ensuring your store remains competitive and memorable. To learn more about how HeyKD’s Interactive Kiosks can transform your retail space, get in touch with our experts today.

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