For centuries, we have sought the most efficient ways of educating our future using the latest and most cutting-edge developments in technology. One aspect of technology in education that seems to be relied upon more than most is display and presentation technology. The ability to display and present immersively in a learning environment is crucial. For all participants in the class to get the most out of what is being shown or taught, there must be suitable visibility, brightness, and ease of use for effective learning in a classroom.

HeyKD’s Innovative Solutions

HeyKD’s custom, innovative kiosk solutions are revolutionizing the way we think about display technology in education. These kiosks, which include interactive digital displays, retail merchandising units, and food and beverage stations, offer a variety of ways to engage students and enhance the learning experience.

Display Technology in Education
Display Technology in Education

HeyKD’s 65” Interactive White Board is the next step in the evolution of the central display in a classroom. It offers an effective solution to many of the display requirements a classroom, lecture hall, seminar room, or meeting room may have in an educational application. With a high brightness backlit LED panel, it ensures maximum viewing angles even in brightly lit rooms, so no more turning off the light to display important content. It also offers a wealth of additional features such as HDMI and USB connectivity as well as an OPS slot for an optional integrated permanent solution, reducing the need for dangerous cables. Its antiglare, antifriction coating also enables ease of use, a very important aspect in a learning environment. Without the need for high maintenance and bulb replacements, HeyKD’s 65” Interactive Screen is obviously a solid solution for educational applications.

Projection Technology and Large Format Displays

Projection technology also offers so many positive aspects and a far more efficient use of display space than dry wipe boards. They can bring advantages at physical scale not possible on the same budget with LCD screens and often allow for a greater flexibility of specialist options with regards to the type of image being produced, from producing a holographic Pepper’s ghost effect, to producing an ambient light-rejecting image for daylight applications. For applications where large format display may be appropriate, such as auditoriums or lecture halls, HeyKD’s high-quality specialist projection options may provide a robust solution.

Interactive Kiosks and Touch Screen Tables

HeyKD also offers a wide range of solutions that could be applied in a learning environment; from freestanding interactive kiosks ideal for self-service applications to touch screen tables ideal for use in collaborative projects or group work. Such a versatile range of technology offers educational environments a solution for nearly any requirements they may need in delivering the most effective learning experience possible.

Switchable Glass Technology

Intelligent Glass, the switchable glass division of HeyKD, offers a unique solution to many questions that may arise with these considerations in mind. For example, the requirement for educational institutions to offer students a ‘safe space’ is growing, as awareness over mental health and SEND issues increases. Such spaces often come in the form of ‘sensory’ or ‘immersion’ rooms, multimedia wonderlands that offer so much to explore on a sensory level it can have a calming effect on the child or individual. Such a room can be created simply using a range of technology provided by Intelligent Glass and HeyKD working in conjunction to bring this cutting-edge AV solution, from our Laminated Switchable Safety Glass to our CAVE projection or simulation screens.


HeyKD’s innovative display technology is revolutionizing the way we think about education. From interactive whiteboards to switchable glass technology, HeyKD is at the forefront of creating immersive, engaging learning environments. Whether you’re a teacher looking to enhance your classroom, a business professional seeking to improve your presentations, or a student wanting to engage more deeply with your studies, HeyKD’s display technology offers a solution to meet your needs.

For more information about HeyKD’s innovative display technology, please visit our official website or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you revolutionize your learning environment.

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