In the commercial industry, LED displays play a pivotal role in capturing attention. Despite the variety of LED screen technologies available, they all share the key feature of high brightness and the potential to create large-format displays. These screens are used for long-distance viewing in environments like sports stadiums or billboard advertising, as well as for closer-range, intimate viewing. With the multitude of options available, it’s crucial not to overlook LED technology when choosing the right type of display, as it could be the key to staying ahead of the competition.

LED Technology
LED Technology

LED Window Displays

Window displays are designed to attract customers, and many stores still heavily rely on the light coming from the shop front to illuminate the space. This means any form of digital signage needs to support this. Traditional LED displays covering the entirety of the window would have blocked any light or view into the store. However, HeyKD’s unique LED solution provides the best of both worlds.

HeyKD’s Transparent LED Screens offer a retrofit solution that fits directly behind your window, creating an eye-catching display without blocking the view. Offering a brightness of up to 5000 cd per m2 and transparency of up to 85%, HeyKD’s transparent LEDs fit together modularly to create holo-effect LED walls on a massive scale. These displays are available with a range of pixel pitches, offering solutions that can be appreciated from up close or at a long distance.

Mirrored LED Screens

With the Magic Mirror becoming increasingly popular across the entertainment and retail sectors, it might be difficult to see how this can be improved with LED technology. HeyKD’s Mirrorvision Display products range from mirror TVs to interactive mirror advertising screens.

HeyKD’s Mirror LED walls are available in pixel pitches as small as 0.9mm, creating a large format display that can be highly reflective as well as high in brightness and quality. In LED screens, each pixel is individually lit, making the contrast against the reflective overlay much stronger, while balancing the image out across the display to combat glare and reflectivity from other light sources.

Outdoor LED Displays & Perimeter Systems

Outdoor LED displays are commonly seen as large-format displays. These are usually found as billboards, like in the infamous Times Square or in sports stadiums, outdoor concerts, or events. HeyKD’s outdoor LED screens offer superior contrast and viewing angles, coming complete with a control system and basic operating software that’s straightforward to use.

Specifically designed for sporting events, HeyKD’s LED perimeter systems offer the best in game-day advertising. HeyKD’s perimeter displays boast 6000nit brightness and are resistant to sunlight, making them a dependable option for TV broadcast applications.

HeyKD’s Innovative Kiosk Solutions

HeyKD is a leading supplier of mall kiosks, offering a comprehensive range of services from design to installation. They specialize in creating custom kiosks that enhance the shopping experience in malls and contribute to the retail environment.

HeyKD’s engineers have been designing and developing display products and solutions for over 20 years, working closely with a variety of screen technologies to provide some of the most innovative kiosk solutions. Their range of kiosk solutions is vast, covering most, if not all, industry applications. Whether you’re looking for an interactive digital display, a retail merchandising unit, or a food and beverage station, HeyKD can provide you with the right solution.


HeyKD is a leader in the kiosk industry, offering a wide range of innovative solutions. With their commitment to quality, customization, and customer satisfaction, they are the go-to choice for businesses looking for effective kiosk solutions. Whether you’re a potential client, an investor, or an industry professional, HeyKD invites you to explore their offerings and see how they can help you achieve your goals.

For more information or to discuss potential collaborations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with HeyKD. They look forward to hearing from you.

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