In the ever-evolving retail landscape, attracting customer attention is paramount. Traditional window displays are no longer as effective as they once were. To address this, HeyKD offers an innovative solution that can transform any surface into a loudspeaker, adding a unique touch to any window or point-of-sale (POS) display. This technology, known as the ‘Soundpod’, is a small and discreet audio transducer that is ideal for applications requiring a practically invisible sound source.

How Does the Soundpod Work?

The Soundpod utilizes surface sound technology to convert almost any solid, resonant surface into a working loudspeaker. This includes materials such as glass, acrylic, wood, and plasterboard. The Soundpod works through an energizing principle, sending waves of frequency across both sides of the active surface area. This creates a subtly styled, vibration speaker solution.

Each Soundpod has a coil at its center which moves up and down, pushing against the chosen surface to produce non-directional, diffused sound that evenly fills the area around it. This technology radiates sound through vibration, similar to how a violin or guitar creates its rich acoustic sound.

How to Turn Any Window Into a Speaker
How to Turn Any Window Into a Speaker

Installation and Applications

The Soundpod speakers are small and unobtrusive, attaching to the chosen surface either by adhesive tape or screws. They come with a comprehensive wiring guide to assist with the installation. The most popular application of Soundpods is as part of an external window display in a retail store. They are often used alongside Rear Projection Screens, LCD Screens, and Interactive Touch Foil and Projection Foils, to create an engaging and immersive experience for the user before they even enter the store.

The beauty of these applications is that they allow consumers to interact with your brand outside of store hours, opening up opportunities for future business during hours that previously would have been wasted. All of the technology remains safely inside your store but is still functional to passers-by.

Soundpod Surface Speakers can also be used on wood and plasterboard, making them ideal for enhancing fabricated displays or structures in-store as well as externally. Display cases or screens on the shop floor can use Soundpods to boost their in-store reach by adding another channel to engage potential customers.


Using innovative technologies like the Soundpod in your store is a great way to reinvigorate retail. By turning a shopping trip into a real experience, you are guaranteed to gain more repeat visitors, increase shop floor engagement, and generate buzz around your store through word of mouth.

HeyKD’s goal is to help take brick-and-mortar retail into the future, changing the way we see high street shopping and encouraging consumers to get off the web and into your store. With clients including Adidas, Harrods, and Nike, HeyKD is at the forefront of creating the stores of the future.

Contact Information

For more information about HeyKD’s Soundpod Surface Speakers, please visit the HeyKD website. You can also reach out to us directly for a personalized consultation on how our innovative solutions can enhance your retail environment.

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