Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is transforming advertising, captivating customers with high-resolution graphics and real-time deals. Enhance your business strategy and performance with this innovative tool.

Welcome to HeyKD’s exploration of Outdoor Digital Signage. This dynamic tool is revolutionizing advertising, offering a vibrant alternative to traditional methods. With high-resolution graphics and videos, it enhances customer experience and boosts business performance. Discover how HeyKD can help you harness this technology.

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Key Features and Specifications

LCD panelDisplay Size529.4(H)x941.2(V) mm604(H)x1073.78(V) mm680.4(H)x1209.6(V) mm803.52(H)x1428.48(V) mm927.936((H)x1649.44(V) mm1065.96(H)x1895.04(V) mm
Aspect ratio9:169:169:169:169:169:16
Maximum resolution1080x 19201080x 19201080x 19202160×38402160×38402160×3840
Brightness (nits)2500cd/m22500cd/m22500cd/m23000+cd/m23000+cd/m23000+cd/m2
Visual angle89°/89°/89°/90°(L/R/U/D)
Life(hrs)50000 Hours50000 Hours50000 Hours50000 Hours50000 Hours50000 Hours
Power SupplyPower SupplyAC100-240v/50-60HZAC100-240v/50-60HZAC100-240v/50-60HZAC100-240v/50-60HZAC100-240v/50-60HZAC100-240v/50-60HZ
Power Consumption<300W<350W<450W<600W<700W<1000W
Standby Power Consumption<10W<10W<10W<10W<10W<10W
ConfigurationOperating systemGoogle Android 5.1Google Android 5.1Google Android 5.1Google Android 5.1Google Android 5.1Google Android 5.1
Ethernet10M/100M/1000M ethernet
Menu languageMulti-Language Support
Media FormatVideo formatMPEG1(VCD)、MPEG2(DVD)、MPEG4、AVI、VOB
Audio formatMP3/WMA/AAC etc.
Image formatjpg,BMP,png,gif
Control systemLeakage protection devicePrevent equipment from leaking, With overload and short circuit protection
Brightness controlBuilt-in light sensor, LCD can be automatically adjusted according to the intensity of the outdoor light
Temperature controlIntelligent temperature regulation cooling system
TimerCan be timed by day, week, or month
Surge protection DevicePrevent overheating and overcurrent protection of high-voltage DC power supply
Dust/Moisture proof Devicefilter and control harsh environments such as sand, haze, and high humidity.
GlassAG/AR glass for options
Product ColorBlack/White/Silver/OptionalBlack/White/Silver/OptionalBlack/White/Silver/OptionalBlack/White/Silver/OptionalBlack/White/Silver/OptionalBlack/White/Silver/Optional
Case materialTempered glass+SPCCTempered glass+SPCCTempered glass+SPCCTempered glass+SPCCTempered glass+SPCCTempered glass+SPCC
InterfaceHDMI*1; USB*2;RJ45*1;SD*1;Earphone *1
Installation typewall mountedwall mountedwall mountedwall mountedwall mountedwall mounted
Usage environmentWorking temperature20℃-50℃20℃-50℃20℃-50℃20℃-50℃20℃-50℃20℃-50℃
Working Humidity20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%20%~85%

In the dynamic world of advertising, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of potential customers. One such method that has proven to be highly effective is the use of outdoor digital signage and kiosk displays. These devices, which can range from standalone units to outdoor-rated TVs, offer a captivating alternative to traditional static billboards, posters, or signs.

The Impact of Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has the power to engage with and inform customers of up-to-the-minute deals before they even enter the front door. They can capture attention with high-resolution graphics and videos as people pass by on the sidewalk, or provide entertainment that keeps guests around all day long.

These devices are not just for storefronts, exhibit booth floors, and lobbies. They are also commonly mounted on patios and front windows at restaurants and bars to remind visitors of food and drink specials. Weather-resistant monitors and devices are also ideal for conferences, trade shows, and markets, where they can share schedule information, site maps, and vendor listings.

Weatherproof Technology and Durability

One of the key features of outdoor digital signage is its weatherproof technology. These devices are designed to withstand various climate conditions such as rain, dust, moisture, and direct sunlight. Many systems feature shatter-resistant safety glass that protects the screen and presents a high-quality picture even in direct sunlight. Most outdoor Smart TVs can withstand temperature ranges between 31°F – 140°F, ensuring year-round use in most climates.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Outdoor digital signage not only serves as a tool for advertising but also enhances the customer experience. Businesses can readily display content, keeping up with today’s ever-connected digital climate where customer expectations are high. Outdoor smart televisions and digital advertising devices are cost-effective tools used to increase marketing potential and customer satisfaction.

Versatility and Applications

Outdoor digital signage offers versatile options for various industries and applications. Whether you’re a restaurant displaying menus, a retail store showcasing products, or an event center promoting upcoming events, outdoor digital signage can significantly benefit your business.

Digital signage and kiosk displays have been effectively used in various industries to enhance customer engagement, provide information, and promote products or services. Here are some real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate their effectiveness:

  1. Famous Footwear: This nationwide retailer turned to ComQi’s digital signage solutions when their previous provider failed to meet their needs. The new digital signage system was scalable, reliable, and flexible, allowing for localized content delivery across a wide range of store sizes and types. The result was a significant improvement in customer engagement and store traffic.
  2. Automotive Showrooms: Digital signage and kiosk displays are used in automotive showrooms to showcase customer testimonials and reviews, thereby building trust and credibility with potential customers. Interactive kiosks allow customers to access product information and schedule test drives at their convenience, improving the overall customer experience.
  3. Mitchell’s Delicatessen: This Nashville-based deli used digital signage to address long customer queues and boredom. The digital screens allowed the deli to communicate with customers effectively, sharing news, products, and updates regularly while in-store.
  4. SunTrust Bank: SunTrust’s digital signage network spans 98 branches in six states. Large format LCD screens display content across five channels, including news and employee education. Additional “drive-thru” kiosks are located outside, providing an integrated communication system.
  5. McDonald’s: McDonald’s plans to have self-service kiosks in most of its 14,000 U.S. restaurants by 2020. These kiosks not only save labor costs but also increase customer spending, as food and beverage items appear more enticing on a large touch screen.

These examples demonstrate how digital signage and kiosk displays can be used to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive sales.


Outdoor digital signage is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance a business’s advertising strategy. By providing vibrant, up-to-date, and engaging content, these devices can attract more customers, improve their experience, and ultimately boost business performance. With the right approach and regular updates, outdoor digital signage can be a cost-effective and impactful addition to any business’s marketing toolkit.

What is the impact of outdoor digital signage in advertising?

Outdoor digital signage is a powerful advertising tool that engages and informs customers with up-to-the-minute deals, high-resolution graphics, and videos. It’s a dynamic alternative to traditional static billboards, enhancing customer experience and boosting business performance.

How does weatherproof technology enhance the durability of outdoor digital signage?

Outdoor digital signage is equipped with weatherproof technology, designed to withstand various climate conditions like rain, dust, and direct sunlight. Many systems feature shatter-resistant safety glass, ensuring a high-quality picture even in direct sunlight and year-round use in most climates.

How does outdoor digital signage enhance customer experience?

Outdoor digital signage enhances customer experience by readily displaying up-to-date content in today’s digital climate. It serves as a cost-effective tool for advertising, increasing marketing potential, and customer satisfaction. It’s versatile, benefiting various industries and applications.

Case Studies of Success

Outdoor digital signage has become a crucial asset for businesses aiming to captivate audiencesboost sales, and improve customer experiences. Here are concise descriptions of successful case studies that highlight the effectiveness of outdoor digital signage.