43.8 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen


Model: WiFi/Ethernet/BlueTooth in-built, CMS Media Player

The LCD ultra-wide screens are widely used in In-store Shelves/Displays, Airports, Bus / Railway Stations, Subways, Government Buildings, Elevators, Offices, and Museums. They can utilize the limited environment to publish the product info & price.


  1. Design: Slim, Sleek & Stylized Light Weight Design;
  2. Process: 3mm tempered glass covered in front to protect LCD panel, obtain  an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit;
  3. Solution: Equip with RK3288 commercial-grade quad-core processor, WiFi/ethernet-BlueTooth in-built, operate 7/24 hours with the CMS. Provide full support to install any third-party’s software.
  4. Peripheral: Motion sensor, facial recognition camera, or any other retail analytical IoT sensors to be the trigger of playing corresponding videos.

Step into the future of digital display technology with the HeyKD 43.8 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen. This cutting-edge product boasts an ultra-wide stretched bar LCD display, making it a perfect fit for a variety of commercial applications.

Key Features

A Grand Visual Experience: The expansive 43.8-inch screen delivers sharp, crystal-clear images with vibrant colors and high-definition resolution. This isn’t just a screen; it’s a window to a world of immersive content.

Android at its Core: Running on Android 5.1, this screen offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various apps and software solutions. It’s not just about displaying content; it’s about creating interactive experiences.

Built to Last: The robust IPS LCD screen ensures long-lasting durability and premium performance. It’s not just resistant to dust, water, and other potential environmental hazards; it’s built to thrive in them.

Double the Impact: With its double-sided display, this screen ensures your content is seen from all angles. It’s not just about reaching more viewers; it’s about making every perspective count.

Benefits for Businesses

The HeyKD 43.8 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen is more than a high-quality commercial display; it’s a game-changer for businesses. Here’s why:

Versatility: This ultra-wide screen is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, from retail stores to office buildings to transportation hubs. It’s not just about fitting in; it’s about standing out.

High-Quality Display: The 43.8 inch ultra-wide screen provides a crisp, clear, and high-resolution display that can effectively grab the attention of passersby. It’s not just a tool for advertising and promoting products or services; it’s a magnet for attention.

Ease of Use: Thanks to its Android system, this ultra-wide screen is easy to operate and offers a wide range of customizable features. It’s not just about ease of use; it’s about empowering users.

Elevate Your Business with HeyKD

Investing in the HeyKD 43.8 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen is not just about buying a product; it’s about revolutionizing the way you do business. Imagine the possibilities when your messages and content are displayed on this ultra-wide, high-resolution screen. It’s not just a game-changer; it’s a new way of playing the game.

Visit the official HeyKD website today to explore our wide range of products from digital kiosks to ultra-wide Android screens. You can also reach out to our friendly and professional team for a consultation on the best digital solutions for your business. Don’t just wait for the future; create it with HeyKD!