55 Inch Commercial Windows Infrared Touchscreen Kiosk


Model: WiFi/Ethernet/10 points Infrared Touchscreen

The touchscreen kiosk delivers a professional commercial-grade large-format display with sound color output, Windows-based, and installs the infrared touchscreen.
It is publicly used for in-store interaction, self-service, wayfinding, corporate, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, restaurant, and hospitality environments.

  1. 55″ commercial-grade screen, 3mm tempered glass covered in front to protect LCD panel;
  2. Designed with a fanless design to ensure quiet. The back cover adopts high-strength aluminum material which has good heat dissipation.
  3. Equip with J1900 commercial-grade quad-core processor, WiFi/Ethernet in-built, operate 7/24 hours. Provide full support to install any third-party’s software.
  4. Support many expansion peripherals: ID card reader, one / two-dimensional code scanner, printer, IC card reader, infrared sensor, etc.
  5. 10 points smooth infrared touch screen.

Step into the future with HeyKD’s 55 Inch Commercial Windows Infrared Touchscreen Kiosk, a game-changer in the realm of interactive digital solutions. This state-of-the-art kiosk is a blend of robust design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance customer experience and engagement.

Versatile and Durable Design

Constructed with robust SPCC 1080p materials, our 55-inch touchscreen kiosk is designed to withstand high-traffic commercial use. Its sleek and modern design ensures a seamless blend of form and function, making it a perfect fit for retail stores, hospitals, schools, or office buildings.

Infrared Touchscreen Technology

Our kiosk utilizes advanced infrared (IR) technology, offering a 10-point multi-touch interface for a seamless user experience. The large 55-inch display delivers stunning 4K resolution, offering vivid, high-quality images that captivate your audience. The sturdy stand ensures stability, even in high-traffic areas, promising a smooth and interactive interface.

Powered by Windows

Our touchscreen kiosk is powered by a Windows i3 processor, ensuring swift, efficient operation. The Windows 10 interface provides an intuitive platform that users can navigate with ease, offering easy integration with various software applications.

Commercial-grade Touchscreen Kiosk Features

Our 55-inch touchscreen kiosk is not just any touchscreen; it’s a commercial-grade model designed to revolutionize your retail strategy. It doubles as an all-in-one PC LCD advertising display, enabling you to attract and engage customers effectively. The infrared technology ensures responsive, accurate touch interaction, enhancing the user experience. Equipped with an IR LED backlight, this kiosk ensures clear, bright visuals even in well-lit spaces.

The Future of Interactive Displays is Here

With its blend of top-notch technology, intuitive design, and commercial-grade features, the HeyKD 55 Inch Commercial Windows Infrared Touchscreen Kiosk is truly the future of interactive displays. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current kiosk or invest in your first one, this model is a sure bet.

Take the Next Step

Ready to upgrade your interactive display game? Visit our online store to find this kiosk and many other innovative digital solutions for your business. If you’re unsure about which kiosk is right for you, don’t worry. Contact us today, and our friendly team will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Embrace the future with HeyKD’s 55 Inch Commercial Windows Infrared Touchscreen Kiosk.