86 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen


Model: WiFi/Ethernet/BlueTooth in-built, CMS Media Player

The LCD ultra-wide screens are widely used in In-store Shelves/Displays, Airports, Bus / Railway Stations, Subways, Government Buildings, Elevators, Offices, and Museums. They can utilize the limited environment to publish the product info & price.


  1. Design: Slim, Sleek & Stylized Light Weight Design;
  2. Process: 3mm tempered glass covered in front to protect LCD panel, obtain  an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit;
  3. Solution: Equip with RK3288 commercial-grade quad-core processor, WiFi/ethernet-BlueTooth in-built, operate 7/24 hours with the CMS. Provide full support to install any third-party’s software.
  4. Peripheral: Motion sensor, facial recognition camera, or any other retail analytical IoT sensors to be the trigger of playing corresponding videos.

Step into a new era of display technology with HeyKD’s 86 Inch Commercial Ultra-wide Android Screen. This isn’t just a screen; it’s a game-changer. Designed for the modern commercial environment, this expansive IPS LCD screen delivers a 1920 × 600 resolution that brings every detail to life. With a brightness of 500 cd/m² and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, your content will shine bright and colorful, even in well-lit conditions.

Under the Hood: A Peek at the Technical Specifications

This screen is powered by a Rockchip RK3288 Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz CPU, backed by 2GB RAM for seamless operation. It comes with 8GB of storage, ample for essential applications. Connectivity options include 100M Gigabit Lan, 2.4G WiFi (802.11.b/g/n), and Bluetooth 4.0. The screen also features multiple I/O ports, including TF, RJ45, DC Jack, WiFi antenna, and USB Host.

What’s more, this screen is built to last. It features a fanless cooling system and a waterproof design, ensuring robust performance from -20~60℃ and humidity tolerance of 5%-90%.

Key Features: More Than Just a Display

The HeyKD ultra-wide screen is more than just a display; it’s a cutting-edge tool for engaging with your audience. Its smart features and high-quality visuals offer an experience that traditional screens can’t match.

Versatile Applications: Adapts to Your Needs

Whether you’re showcasing products in a retail store, displaying schedules in a transportation hub, or creating an interactive learning environment in an educational institution, this screen adapts to your needs.

Choose HeyKD: Choose Excellence

At HeyKD, we believe in the power of communication and connection. Our commitment to innovative technology and sturdy construction ensures you receive a product that’s not just visually impressive but also reliable and enduring.

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