In an era where time is of the essence, efficient queue management has become a critical aspect of customer service across various industries. The queue management industry has seen significant growth, driven by the need for streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of queue management and guide you through the process of selecting the best options in this category.

What is Queue Management?

Queue management refers to the process of managing a customer’s waiting line. From retail stores and banks to healthcare facilities and transportation hubs, queue management systems are employed to control customer flow, reduce wait times, and improve service efficiency. These systems stand out in the market due to their ability to enhance customer satisfaction, increase staff efficiency, and provide valuable insights into service operations. They appeal particularly to consumer segments that value time efficiency and a seamless service experience.

Top Queue Management Suppliers

When it comes to queue management suppliers, the market is diverse, with each player offering unique solutions tailored to specific consumer preferences and industry trends. Here are some of the top suppliers in the industry:


Established in 1986 in the United Arab Emirates, Wavetec has grown to become a global leader in queue management solutions, with a strong presence in the healthcare and banking sectors. Wavetec’s systems prioritize patients based on urgency in healthcare settings and handle complex customer requests in banking environments. Their solutions are distinguished by their customer segmentation, routing capabilities, and commitment to ensuring patient privacy.


Based in the United States, Verint is a recognized name in the queue management industry, particularly in the retail sector. Verint’s Digital Wait Line Management Software is designed to revolutionize retail with features that cater to enterprise retailers. Their solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems and are designed to enhance customer service.

Tensator Group

Tensator Group, based in the United Kingdom, is a leading provider of queue management solutions, particularly for the retail environment. Tensator Group offers Tensabarrier® and other queue management solutions that guide customers and are manufactured with high-quality materials. Their products are lauded for their durability and effectiveness in managing customer flow.


Qminder, based in Estonia, is a prominent player in the queue management industry, with solutions tailored for the banking and transportation sectors. Qminder’s systems are appreciated for their multilingual interface, digital TV signage displays, and capabilities to improve staff performance and customer experience.

Xovis PTS

Switzerland-based Xovis PTS specializes in people flow analysis and steering, making it a preferred choice for transportation hubs like airports and railway stations. Xovis PTS’s solutions are celebrated for their advanced people flow analysis capabilities, which help in managing large crowds and improving service efficiency.


Skiplino, based in Bahrain, is a versatile queue management app that can be used across various sectors. Skiplino allows customers to remotely join queues, enhancing customer convenience and reducing physical waiting times.


Qudini, based in the United Kingdom, offers a scalable cloud-based virtual queue and appointment management system that can be used across multiple industries. Qudini’s solutions are recognized for their scalability, flexibility, and ability to manage both virtual queues and appointments.


Qless, based in the United States, is known for its queue management system for logistics, which can also be applied to other industries. Qless’s solutions are designed to reduce wait times and improve operations, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


HeyKD, a rising star in the mall kiosk industry, has also made strides in queue management. Their innovative solutions have been instrumental in streamlining customer flow and reducing wait times in busy mall environments, contributing to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

How to Choose Queue Management

When selecting a queue management system, consider factors like the system’s features, ease of use, integration capabilities, and the supplier’s reputation. Identify your specific needs, such as the need for prioritizing urgent cases in healthcare or integrating with existing systems in banking and retail. Match these needs with the offerings of various suppliers to find the best fit.


As you navigate the world of queue management, consider the information provided in this article. With the continuous advancements in this field, the future holds promising developments that will further revolutionize how queues are managed. Stay informed and make the best choices for your queue management needs.

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