Interactive Floor Standing Digital Displays

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What are Digital Kiosks?

Digital kiosks are standalone structures that serve as intermediaries between businesses and customers, providing a platform for information dissemination, interactive product browsing, and self-service transactions. They are equipped with touch screens, allowing customers to interact with them to access information, check retail inventory, or place orders virtually. These kiosks come in various shapes and styles, each designed for different uses and viewing purposes. They feature specialized hardware and pre-installed software and applications for communication, commerce, and a customizable customer experience.

How did HeyKD One-Up Our Top-Selling Multimedia Floor Signs?

HeyKD has enhanced its top-selling multimedia floor signs by adding interactivity. The new touch screen kiosks come with all the same features — Android OS, 1080p resolution, modern styling, and content management options — but now include touch screen technology. This added functionality provides better convenience for business owners and a superior overall customer experience.

These digital floor kiosks not only deliver powerful content that resonates with the public but also encourage digital collaboration. The large-format technology is moving forward, and these freestanding kiosks are an essential part of this digital transformation.

Our Touch Screen Floor Signs At A Glance:

Our most exclusive touchscreen digital displays feature a Wifi and Bluetooth enabled Android 7.1 smart operating system, as well as 10-point multi-touch PCAP. They offer a simple setup experience with a touch of the finger and come pre-installed with content management software. Most exclusive kiosk models come with a plug & play slideshow app that allows users to add and store content on the hard drive. Users can also preset slide transitions and control the timing. All our products come with a 1-Year Warranty and options to purchase extended warranties from Mulberry.

Making Life Easier for the Business Owner

Our non-touchscreen sign stands have been very popular with customers due to their contemporary design, sleek appearance, and price. However, our new touch screen kiosks provide on-the-fly updating, doing away with the need for a connected mouse to select your apps. With nothing to connect, the owner can simply walk up to the digital display and start tapping. Using your finger or the included stylus, you can select and program apps much like you would on any smartphone. This easy, interactive setup is the main selling point here, and it’s a big one.

Offering Multi-Touch Content for the Customer

The LCD display features not 2-point but 10-point touch capability. Multi-point touch screens work by sensing multiple contact points across the screen’s surface, providing the user with better accuracy and response. This is why it’s implemented on most of today’s deluxe tablets and smartphones. For the average person walking up to your kiosk, discovering the touch screen feature creates instant engagement.


In an increasingly digital world, it’s imperative for businesses to remain relevant and competitive. Integrating new technology into all areas of operation is resulting in profound changes, even down to the cultural level. Delivering value to your customers has evolved from the old analog way of doing business, thanks to the speed of technology and what today’s customer expects. Our touch screen kiosks and digital displays are a step in this direction, offering a powerful platform for communication, commerce, and customer engagement.