Digital signage can make or break an event. It should clearly communicate all the necessary information to your attendees to avoid confusion and frustration. Effective signage makes your event experience as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, allowing your attendees to focus their full attention on the event and not be distracted by logistical details.

If used properly, digital signage can do this more effectively than traditional signage. Digital signage can be more visible, more engaging, convey more information, and offer the flexibility to change your messaging throughout an event. Although digital signage can be more expensive up-front, over time it becomes more cost-effective and sustainable than signage using traditional media.

Digital Signage for Your Next Event
Digital Signage for Your Next Event

We’re big advocates of digital signage. Here are our top five reasons why:

Digital Signage is More Visible

The first barrier your signage has to overcome to be effective is that it has to be visible. But signage can easily blend into the background of an event and be missed, particularly if it is used in an information-rich environment.

HeyKD’s digital signage can help you overcome this problem by using movement. If other sources of information in a location are static, a dynamic display with moving graphics or that rotates through a series of images and text will better stand out.

You can take advantage of other perceptual tricks too to further enhance the visibility of signs. Changes in contrasting color blocks, such as rotating from a red background to a black background, and back to a red background, are more likely to catch attention when seen in peripheral vision, as are familiar symbols and people’s faces. If your digital sign is advertising a talk, you can rotate between the name of the talk and the face of the person delivering it. Look for other ways you can incorporate well-known symbols into displays, like the restaurant symbol, national flags, or even relevant emojis.

Digital Signage is More Engaging

As well as making your signage more visible, by including a range of moving, updating information and visuals, you can make your signage more engaging. With a digital sign, rather than being stuck with static text and visuals, you can get much more creative.

A picture can say a thousand words, but the internet has taught us that video is more powerful still. With HeyKD’s digital displays, your signage can easily take advantage of video. You could have a representative speak directly to event attendees as a talking head, you could show a montage of corporate clips or the highlights of previous events. Whatever is most relevant to your event and your attendees.

The vast range of HeyKD’s digital signage technology means you can create more unique displays, adding dimensions to your message that can’t be achieved with printed signage. Take the launch of a new watch for example, which display would you be more drawn to, a printed sign next to the watch on a stand or a Transparent OLED Screen showing content that appears to float in mid-air, revealing the watch in pride of place behind the display. Unique technologies like our Transparent OLED and LCD Screens push the boundaries of what people expect to see in digital signage, offering a futuristic approach to sharing brand messages that make audiences feel like they’ve stepped into a sci-fi film!

Digital Signage Communicates More

There’s only so much information you can pack on to a physical sign before it becomes cluttered and unreadable. But as HeyKD’s digital signage can rotate between sources of information, it can be much more information-rich, particularly if you incorporate images and video.

HeyKD’s interactive digital signage pushes information richness even further. Touch screens can allow attendees to interact with your signs, letting them find the information they need through accessing a menu, scrolling a map, or by asking questions. Plug and play solutions like our Interactive Kiosks are ideal for exhibition and trade show applications, providing a freestanding signage solution that can be moved and updated with ease.

Digital Signage is More Flexible

Your signage has to display the information needed by your event attendees in that location. But the information needed can change, either over the day or in response to new circumstances.

A room or area may be used for different purposes throughout the event. For example, you may need to update the name and details of talks being given in a lecture theatre. HeyKD’s digital displays allow you to easily update this information without needing multiple versions of physical signage.

Changing circumstances can throw an event into disarray and cause both you and your attendees a considerable headache. But if you need to move part of your event to another location, update a schedule at a moment’s notice, or quickly display emergency information, HeyKD’s digital signage gives you the freedom to do so simply and fast.

Digital Signage is More Cost-Effective and Sustainable

At first glance, digital signage can appear expensive, but high-quality traditional signage can be expensive too, particularly if you think of the price in terms of cost per use. Traditional signage often has to incorporate event names or other information meaning it can only be used once or a limited number of times. If the layout of an event changes through time, physical signs may also have to be discarded.

HeyKD’s digital signage has no such limitations. By displaying rotating and updating information, your digital signage can cut down how much signage you use during a signal event. As it can be changed quickly and simply, your digital display devices can be used over and over across multiple events, meaning they become more cost-effective over time. By doing away with physical signs that have to be disposed of after events, HeyKD’s digital signs are the more sustainable option too.

Digital Signage is More Professional

The purpose of signage is to convey needed information at a point in space and time. But slick looking graphics and visuals used on a crisp, clear HeyKD’s digital display can also add to your branding and the feel of your event.

HeyKD’s digital screens, touch screens, and large video projections contribute an air of professionalism and flair that physical signs just don’t have. By incorporating elements like social media feeds as well as photos and clips from earlier in the day, you can give your event a dynamic feel. By tailoring messaging, such as by using multiple languages, you can make your event more welcoming and inclusive. HeyKD’s digital signage becomes more than a tool to convey event information, as you get creative it can become a key touchpoint for your brand.

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